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We've been living/working in our motorhome full-time since July 2003, our house sold in November of that year. We've been on the road since April 2004. Our life's story, since deciding to become RVers, is on our Weblog! It's a wonderful thing for fickle memories. "When were we at Devil's Tower?" "I don't know - check the weblog!" The index below is the easiest way to see something in our past. The primary organization is by month. Click on any month to see all entries for that month. The later entries are at the top of the page, as you scroll down, you are going back in time. Several items have their own link just to that one entry. We keep this Weblog for ourselves, our family and friends. But, anyone else who is interested ... Welcome to our adventure!


Current Entries

To read all the posts for a month, you need to click on the link for the month. Or, to see the Picasa Web album for that month, click on 'Photos Only.' Any links listed below each month are highlights - links to individual blog posts.

2009 MapMarch 2009 Blog
March 2009 Photos only
miles: x gas: $x site: $x
Mar 7: Peace River Thousand Trails
Mar 9: Torrey Oaks
Mar 15-20: FMCA in Perry, GA
Mar 21: Devon gets Married
Mar 24: Alabama
Mar 26: New Orleans
Mar 29: HR Rally in Louisianna

February 2009 Blog
February 2009 Photos only
miles: x gas: $x site: $x
Fort Lauderdale Paradise Island All Month
Feb 1: Superbowl Party
Feb 9: Orlando Thousand Trails
Feb 22: My Kindle
Feb 26: Getting Ready

January 2009 Blog
January 2009 Photos only
miles: x gas: $x site: $x
Fort Lauderdale Paradise Island All Month
Jan 1: 2008 in Review
Jan 9: Toastmasters
Jan 13: Peace River
Jan 27: Escapees in Florida

December 2008 Blog
November 2008 Photos only
miles: x gas: $x site: $x
Fort Lauderdale Paradise Island All Month
Dec 1: Petra and Lion Country Safari
Dec 8: Work at Home
Dec 25: Christmas w Family

2008 MapNovember 2008 Blog
November 2008 Photos only
miles: x gas: $x site: $x
Fort Lauderdale Paradise Island All Month
Nov 9-15: Datastorm Rally in Tampa
Nov 23: Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi
Nov 29: Kayaking for Lobster

October 2008 Blog
October 2008 Photos only
miles: 0 gas: $0 site: $0
Fort Lauderdale Paradise Island All Month
Oct 1: St. Brendan's Isle Mail Forwarding Service
Oct 3: Bonnet House
Oct 3: Sunrise Wreck video of John

September 2008 Blog
September 2008 Photos only
miles: 2,026 gas: $1050 site: $174 Tolls: $35 Maint: 22
Sep. 6: LBI and Corned Ham Party
Sep. 10: Hershey PA
Sep 14: Boot Camp - Pre-Rally
Sep 18: Gypsy Journal Rally
Sep 21: Boot Camp - Post-Rally
Sep 23: FMCA Cincinatti
Sep 26-27: Tennessee, S Carolina
Sep 28: Jacksonville Zoo

August 2008 Blog
August 2008 Photos only
miles: 1,100 gas: $682 site: $419 Tolls: $20
Masie Institute, Saratoga Springs, NY
Aug 2-4: Lobster Festival and Gundys
Aug 5-8: Acadia Nat'l Park
Aug 10-12: New Hampshire
Aug 14: Mystic Seaport
Aug 15-23: Timothy Lakes, PA
Bushkill Falls
8/24-9/7 Long Beach Island
Guld Family Reunion
Sittin on the dock o the bay
2008 Travel map

July 2008 Blog
July 2008 Photos only
miles: 2,003 gas: $1,071 site: $116 Tolls: $83
Amana Colonies Iowa
7/3-8: Safari Rally
7/4: 10 year wedding anniversary
7/10: 1,000th post
7/10-13: Country Coach Rally
7/14-18: FMCA rally in St. Paul
7/19: Minneapolis
7/21: Wolf's Den, Wisconsin
7/25: Mackinac Island, Michigan
7/30: Niagara

June 2008 Blog
June 2008 Photos only
miles: 1,894 gas: $1,010 site: $160 maint: $270
Ft. Lauderdale to Branson Missouri
6/8-16: RV-Dreams Rally
6/17-28: Lost Valley Lakes ROD
6/29: Mark Twain Caves
6/30: Tomorrow is THE Day!
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May 2008 Blog
May 2008 Photos only
miles: 0 gas: $0 site: 0 maint: $900
Fort Lauderdale, Paradise Island all month

April 2008 Blog
April 2008 Photos only
miles: 297 gas: $200 site: 0 maint: $0
Fort Lauderdale, Paradise Island all month

March 2008 Blog
March 2008 Photos only
miles: 1,984 gas: $981 site: $143 maint: $650
Palm Creek until Mar 23
Freightliner Chassis Owners' Rally
Balmorhea, Texas

February 2008 Blog
February 2008 Photos only and FMCA
miles: 692 gas: $308 site: 0 maint: $50
Palm Creek all month
2/25-29: FMCA Pomona: Into something Good!

January 2008 Blog
January 2008 Photos only
miles: 400 gas: $235 site: 0 maint: $0
Palm Creek all month
FMCA Western Area Rally 1/9-13

December 2007 Blog
December 2007 Photos only
miles: 400 gas: $140 site: 0 maint: $0
Dec all month *Cold* in Palm Creek
Dec 27 100,000 miles
Dec 25 Christmas in Quartzsite
Dec 21 Biosphere 2
Dec 11-12 Tioga & George visit

November 2007 Blog
November 2007 Photos only
miles: 0 gas: 0 site: 0 maint: $420
At Palm Creek all month
Nov 27: Saguaro Lake Boat Ride
Nov 20: Video minute of WiFi seminar
Nov 17: Jane Seymour event w video
Nov 8: Flamenco Birthday party
Nov 3: Hike to Lost Goldmine
Nov 1: Teaching Picasa to sell a House

October 2007 Blog
October 2007 Photos only
Miles: gas: site
Oct 21-27: Datastorm Rally slideshow
Oct 14: Video - Odie Flies
Oct 7: Move to Palm Creek
Oct 6: Geocaching at Verde Valley
Oct 1: Verde Vally and Satellite Internet

September 2007 Blog
September 2007 Photos only
miles: 549 gas: 252 site: 16 maint: $420
Sep 21-29: Verde Valley
2007 mapSep 20: Quartzsite
Sep 17: Palm Springs
Sep 16: Idyllwild
Sep 13: Kayaking La Jolla's Caves-video
Sep 9: Ramona Canyon
Sep 3-7: Pio Pico / San Diego

August 2007 Blog Photos only
miles: 3,071 gas: 1,040 site: 158 (+140)
Aug 31: Vamos a Mexico
Aug 24-31: Southern California
Aug 23: Santa Cruz and Arynne
Aug 20: Mt. Shasta
Aug 19: Crater Lake
Aug 17: Diandy
Aug 12 - 16: FMCA Rally
    post 1 post 2 post 3
Aug 10: Lynne and John visit
Aug 9: Oregon
Aug 8: Motosat
Aug 6: George & Ms. Tioga
Aug 4: Wyoming
Aug 2: Truman Presidential Library

July 2007
miles:1,356 gas: $560 site: $264
In Ft. Lauderdale until July 20
then on the road headed for Oregon
Jul 31: Satellite Success
Jul 30: Nat'l Battlefield, Springfield,MO
Jul 26: Ozarks, including road video
Jul 24: Mississippi, including road video
Jul 4: Kayak diving video

June 2007
miles:373 gas: $135 site: $0
In Fort Lauderdale all month
Jun 24-26: Peace River weekend
      Pickleball video
Jun 17: Kayak against Cancer
Kayak Diving Video1 Video2

May 2007
miles:395 gas: $181 site: $24
In Fort Lauderdale all month
May 12: Mother's Day Roadtrip
May 11: Pantries and Babies
May 6: Ft. Lauderdale Air and Sea Show

April 2007
miles:194 gas: $100 site: $0
Apr 29: Kayak Ft. Lauderdale Beach
Reading this Blog like a book

Apr 15: Port Everglades
Computer Tip: Don't click links in emails
Computer Tip: 54 Mbps is *not* better than 11
Apr 4 or so: Left Peace River, got to Fort Lauderdale
Apr 2: Diandy's Datastorm Installation

March 2007
miles:1,044 gas: $365 site: $190
Mar 27: Peace River Pickleball
Mar 26: Kayak - Caladesi Island
Mar 19-23: FMCA Convention
Mar 13-18: Travel to Georgia
Mar 11: WEC Peace River outing
Mar 10: RVers and Computers
Mar 1: Peace River's Alligator

February 2007
miles: 0 gas: $0 site: 0
Peace River all month
Feb 28: At Mom's
Feb 24: New Computer
Feb 19: Visit to Solomon's Castle
Feb 16: Computer tip: Searching Blogs
Feb 10: Beautiful Nature Trail
Feb 7: Datastorm Installations
Feb 4: Lynne & John's new Satellite dish
Feb 3: No storm - seminars

January 2007
miles: 150 gas: $50 site: 0
Peace River all month
Family Visit, Grandson photos
Campground and Nature Trail
Bob, Polly and Datastorm Install
New Year's Eve at Peace River



December 2006
miles: 0 gas: $0 site: 0
Peace River all Month
Christmas with Family
Dec 20: Peace River Photostory
Dec 17: Solomons Castle
Mom's Namibia Video
Dec 9: Movie Night
Dec 6: Gulf Coast
Dec 5:GOT Seminars

November 2006
miles: 1,117 gas: $290 site: 0
Greg and Marilyn
Nov 17-30: 'Working' at Peace River
Nov 12-14: Fort Lauderdale
Nov 11: Veteran's Day
Nov 8: Peace River for the Season
Nov 7: Bicycling
Nov 4: Back in Florida
Nov 1-3 TX, LA, MS, AL

October 2006
miles: 1,707 gas: $433 site: $337 maintenance: $384
Oct 30: Fredericksburg & Austin
Oct 23 - 28: Datastorm Rally
Oct 18: Austin and LBJ Library
Oct 16-17: Oklahoma
Oct 14: Clinton Presidential Center
Oct 10 - 14: Lake Chicot, AR
Oct 9: Graceland
Oct 8: Bicycle Natchez Trace
Oct 6: Mammoth Caves
Oct 1-5: Chris alone in Kentucky

September 2006
miles: 964 gas: $286 site: $114 maintenance: $1,138
Sep 26-30: WV - KY
Sep 26: Rails to Trails
Sep 25: Frankie Guld 1923-2006
Sep 24: Solomon's Island
Sep 22: Beach photos
Sep 18: Sunset Photos
Sep 17: Fun with Picasa
Sep 1-23 Jimmy's place LBI

August 2006
miles: 1853 gas$: 700 site$: 19
Aug 23 Jimmy's place LBI
Aug 21-22: Shenandoah NP
Aug 19-20: Virginia

Seminar WrapUp
Aug 12-18: FMCA Convention
Aug 10: Carter Library
Aug 6-8: Tom and Candy's

Perfect Day
Aug 3-5: Thousand Trails, Peace River and Orlando
Aug 2: Visit Marie

July 2006 (parked in Ft. Lauderdale all month)
miles: 425 gas$: 110 site$: 0
Fiji Video
Bhutan Video
July 27: Kayak diving
Jim becomes a Grandfather
July 19: Call me Gramps
July 17: Thousand Trails
Computer Seminars
July 5: Every RVer needs a Blog
July 3: New Faucets



2006 Travel Map



Summer 2006 Route



















2004 - our first year on the road

The Old Blog (no photos)
11/27/03: House sells
9/20/03: Living in RV
5/25/03: Tossing out stuff
5/6/03: Buying an RV
4/25/04: The decision to sell the house and go.
4/5/03:First entry. Just dreaming about RVing.





November 1, 2004 - December 31, 2004

July 1 - October 31

August 6 - 14 and again,  August  22 - 29

June 15 - July 3 2004

Mulberry Grove, Illinois

April 16 thru June 14, 2004

See where we are and what we're doing now by viewing our Weblog. We started a weblog when we first had the idea to get an RV. We keep it going with new entries at least once each week. It's so easy to upload photos too. If you want to start your own weblog, check out www.blogger.com.


Life Before 'The Road' (pre 2004)

Scuba Diving and Kayaking: There's nothing better than paddling your kayak out in the ocean on a Saturday morning, then rolling into the water and going scuba diving! We do it every weekend that weather permits. We're not alone in this - we belong to a kayak and scuba club called "Kayuba".

Kayak Scuba. What we do.

Click here to see our Photo Albums from 2002 and 2003 This includes our trip to Tahoe, and Chris' 50th birthday party in 2002

In 2000 we traveled to Ireland, Cancun and around Florida. In 2001 we went to France and Jim drove a houseboat (barge) up the Saone river with Chris and 4 other women enjoying the ride. Visit our pre-2002 photo albums.

click here to view weblog post for 5/9/04 click here to view weblog post for 4/16/04 click here to view weblog post for 5/1/04 click here to view weblog post from 5/14/04